Fee-Only Investment Firm

Fiduciary, Fee-Only Wealth Management Rooted in Transparency, Science and Independence

What exactly does that mean?

  • Fiduciary

    We’ve chosen to be held to the highest standard of the law to act in our clients’ best interests at all times. In other words, we put our clients first. Not sometimes. Not sort of. Just first. Most other advisors choose not to be fiduciaries.

  • Fee-Only

    Our only compensation is what our clients pay us. No commissions, bonuses or kickbacks. We are never compensated based on the investments we recommend.

  • Wealth Management

    It’s more than just investment advice. Our holistic approach integrates your investments, retirement plan, budget, estate plan, taxes and insurance – all of which rely to some degree on the others.

  • Transparency

    We’ll gladly share information with you that most advisors don’t want you to know. There’s nothing to hide, and we have no secrets. Our fees are proudly disclosed, upfront and in writing.

  • Science

    Our Evidence-Based Investment Approach employs decades of peer-reviewed, unbiased academic research. Coupled with sound planning, this approach helps temper emotion – an investor’s worst enemy.

  • Independence

    We have no ties or obligations to any bank, investment company, brokerage firm, insurance company, or mutual fund company. We are unencumbered to do what’s best for you. Our only boss is you, our client.