Our investment approach is simple: Do what’s right. Always.

Doing what’s right is measured in two ways: by an ethical standard, and by technical expertise.

In other words… Is the focus on you, rather than the advisor? And is the approach likely to work better than the alternatives? Both are equally important. We believe that our commitment to the highest standards of each, as fiduciaries, gives you the best chance of success.

Your goals and your success are all that matter. It’s our philosophy and our business model. As fiduciaries, we are bound to the highest ethical standards of the law to do only what’s in your best interest. Our complete transparency in our recommendations and compensation make that easily apparent.

We want you to know what we know. In investing, understanding leads to confidence. And confidence will help you sleep at night. We’ll share with you as much information as you need, so you can be confident in the decisions we make together.

The marketing machine of Wall Street, the next hot stock, the talking heads of television. None of them add value, just confusion and cost. Instead, we embrace decades of peer-reviewed, unbiased academic research – what we call the Evidence-Based Investment Approach – to make informed decisions about what’s likely to work best.

Academic research overwhelmingly demonstrates that “active management” doesn’t work. Information is processed and reflected in stock and bond prices too quickly for any timing strategy to consistently justify its cost. The collective wisdom of investors makes any attempt to outsmart the market an often costly and futile endeavor.

They are inextricably related. But not all risks are equal. Academia has identified what risks are likely to help your portfolio grow, and which are likely to hurt you. We model your portfolio to take advantage of what academia has taught us.

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is more than just an expression. Diversification works. Harry Markowitz proved it mathematically in 1952, winning a Nobel Prize for his work. The idea is simple: a properly diversified portfolio is likely to earn the same return for less risk than one that is not diversified.

Lower costs are directly correlated with higher returns. We bear that in mind with every investment decision we make. Costs come in many forms: direct expenses, hidden expenses, taxes, and opportunity costs. Our approach minimizes each one.
Emotional, irrational decisions, born of fear and greed, hurt investors. That’s why discipline is crucial. We create discipline by educating you, and constructing a portfolio for you that’s logical and easy to understand, that’s reflective of your goals, and that’s underpinned by a thorough plan.


The Evidence-Based Approach To Investing

This four part video series explains why this approach to investing gives our clients the best chance of success.

What We Don’t Do

Market timing, security selection, price forecasting – they are all forms of speculating, not investing. Seven decades of Nobel Prize winning research demonstrate that speculation is a losing strategy. Our clients are investors, focused on their goals, guided by a plan, with an approach rooted in academia and science.