Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, contact us if you have any other questions, or would like more insight.





How do you charge for your services?

Our fees are assessed as a percentage of assets under management, quarterly, according to the following schedule:


First $500,000 = 1.00% (0.25% per quarter)
Next $500,000 = 0.80% (0.20% per quarter)
Next $1,000,000 = 0.70% (0.175% per quarter)
Next $3,000,000 = 0.60% (0.15% per quarter)
Subsequent Amounts = 0.40% (0.10% per quarter)


Our minimum asset size is $1,000,000, with some exceptions.




Why is being fee-only important?

Our fee-only model assures our clients that our recommendations are based on merit, not on the amount of compensation we receive. Commissions, bonuses and perks are conflicts of interest that may harm you. As fee-only advisors, we eliminate those conflicts.






Where is my money held?

All accounts and investments are held in the client’s name at an independent financial custodian. Great Oak Capital Partners does not take control or custody of any client assets.




Are you a fiduciary?

Yes. We’ve chosen to hold ourselves to the highest legal standard to always act in your best interest. In other words, we put the client first. Period. Not sometimes, not sort of. Just first.






What is your investment approach?

We embrace decades of peer-reviewed, unbiased academic research – what’s called the Evidence-Based Investment Approach. The overwhelming evidence tells us that diversification is key, costs matter, and that asset allocation, not market timing or stock selection, determines performance.




Why should I choose you as my advisor?

We are true advisors – not product pushers, not sales people, not stock brokers or insurance agents. We ask the right questions, listen intently, and formulate a plan for you that is easy to understand, and deeply rooted in decades of science and academia, giving you the best chance of success.






Who is your typical client?

While our clients come from all walks of life – families, professionals, businesses, retirees – they all have one desire in common: that their goals and success, and the money that will help achieve them, be respected. Our commitment to upholding that responsibility is reflected every day in the choices and recommendations we make for our clients.

Although our approach is always holistic, some people ask about particular tasks. Here are some ways we can assist you:

Retirement Planning   •   Estate Planning   •   Portfolio Management   •   Budgeting   •   Risk Management & Insurance   •   Tax Planning   •   College Funding