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And see the silver lining   We thought we should share this: Before we found this site, we only knew of the total cases. Now we know how many people are getting through it, which is very encouraging. Pray for those who are fighting to get through it, and for the families of those who couldn’t. And be especially thankful that so many people have won or are winning their fight. This is not the knock-out punch. Generations past have had it much worse. This hurts bad, but we got this.   John, Bill, Mark & Melanie

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Got the jitters? It’s OK – Call us   We know. This is not fun. Sure, we’ve seen the market do worse. But it doesn’t have to be the worst to hurt. Add to it the human element, and it may feel like the worst. Stocks dropped over 50% during the 2008 financial crisis, but for most, that was just something to read about. You couldn’t really see it. Today, the virus may be microscopic, but we can all certainly see it. Quarantines, canceled events, empty restaurants and flights, those silly masks, Tom Hanks, and of course, wall-to-wall media hype. …

“But This Time It’s Different! No, Really!!”

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Add It to The List…Another Reason To Sell   Let’s play a game. We’ll rattle off some “market-shaking” events from the last 50 years, and you tell us if the market did NOT recover and make new highs soon after. Here we go… The Kent State shootings (1970); US trade embargo against China (1971); Watergate (1972); Oil crisis (1973); Nixon resigns (1974); President Ford assassination attempts (1975); Lebanese civil war (1976); Yield curve inversion (1978); Three Mile Island (1979); 13%+ inflation (1980); President Reagan assassination attempt (1981); US unemployment over 10% (1982); Terrorists kill 237 Marines in Beirut (1983); Multiple …

A Helpful Article and Our First Quote

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We get plenty of questions about how to properly set up an emergency savings account. The folks at asked us for some guidance and quotes, and then wrote a nice piece on the subject. Here’s the link: Starting an Emergency Savings Fund We hope it helps! Cheers, John, Bill, Mark & Melanie