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Where Does Our Blog Content Come From?

Last week at lunch…
Our friend: “No, I don’t read your blog.”
John: “C’mon, you should. We write it ourselves.”
Our friend: “I didn’t know you write it yourselves. Well I’ll read it now.” *Chuckle*

While there’s plenty of quality ghost-written material out there, we decided from the start that we wanted to convey our own thoughts, ideas and concepts in our own words. We write as if we’re talking with you, our clients. No sales, no (OK, extremely little) self-promotion…just what we believe you need to know to be better investors. And sometimes just cool stuff.

Hopefully we’ve convinced you to read a bit more. Try it – the blogs are short, quick and educational. And please, let us know what you think. After all, we write these for you.
And if you missed any, here they are: https://greatoakcp.com/learn/

John & Bill