“But This Time It’s Different! No, Really!!”

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Add It to The List…Another Reason To Sell   Let’s play a game. We’ll rattle off some “market-shaking” events from the last 50 years, and you tell us if the market did NOT recover and make new highs soon after. Here we go… The Kent State shootings (1970); US trade embargo against China (1971); Watergate (1972); Oil crisis (1973); Nixon resigns (1974); President Ford assassination attempts (1975); Lebanese civil war (1976); Yield curve inversion (1978); Three Mile Island (1979); 13%+ inflation (1980); President Reagan assassination attempt (1981); US unemployment over 10% (1982); Terrorists kill 237 Marines in Beirut (1983); Multiple …

A Helpful Article and Our First Quote

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We get plenty of questions about how to properly set up an emergency savings account. The folks at Interest.com asked us for some guidance and quotes, and then wrote a nice piece on the subject. Here’s the link: Starting an Emergency Savings Fund We hope it helps! Cheers, John, Bill, Mark & Melanie